Just Mobile AluDisc Rotating Display Stand


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Product Information

Just Mobile AluDisc™ is the deliciously minimalist rotating pedestal for Apple iMac and Thunderbolt Display. Fashioned from a single piece of high-quality aluminium, AluDisc’s platter floats on internal ball bearings – allowing you to effortlessly turn your display through 360 degrees. Whether you want to show off your screen, instantly reshape your workspace or simply access your USB and Thunderbolt ports without having to move from your seat, AluDisc™ delivers complete desktop flexibility.

High-quality aluminium construction
Hard-wearing ball-bearing mechanism
Smooth rotation through 360 degrees
Minimalist design
Load-balanced for all iMacs and Apple flat-panel displays

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Tech Specs
Height : 0.83 inch
Width : 11.02 inch
Weight : 31.95 oz
Length : 11.02 inch