amuse Deux 6000mAh Polymer Mobile Charger


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product specifications:

smart, clean, fancy design portable batteries supoorting both iOS device and Android system, smart phones, tablets, MP3/MP4 players, bluetooth headset.

smart, clean, fancy design

we also provide 1 year warranty.

capacity: 3.7V 6000mAh polymer battery

rated capacity: 4500mAh#

output:DC 5V – 2.5A max.

input: DC 5V – 1A

charging cycles: ~500 (times)

dimension: 46mm x 110mm x 20mm

net weight: 121g

operation temp: 0℃ – 40℃

storage temp: 10℃ – 50℃

# the quantity of electricity, as defined by the manufacturer, delivered by a cell or a battery under specified conditions after a full charge.




Denim Blue, Shocking Pink, Neno Lime, White, Velvet Purple