Tunewear Eggshell for iPhone6



Package content:

  • eggshell for iPhone 6
  • Ring strap stand

Colors available:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Smoke
  • French Rose
  • Deep Sky Blue
  • Clear White

iPhone 6


eggshell for iPhone 6 is as light and thin as an egg shell. It is made from high-purity polycarbonate and is only 0.8mm thick. It has been engineered to be the perfect balance of thinness and strength, and it fits iPhone like a glove.

eggshell implies a thin case, but from the many years of experience in offering eggshell, we have come to the conclusion that 0.8mm is the ideal thickness to protect the new iPhone 6 form factor.

eggshell for iPhone 6 is available in Crystal Clear, Smoke, French Rose, Deep Sky Blue and Clear White colors.