thejoyfactory MagConnect™ Desk Stand (Mount Only)


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Embrace the ergonomic convenience that is the MagConnect Desk stand. Get more work done, enjoy more videos, and interact with more apps, all at a posture-friendly angle. Your neck and back will thank you. With the MagConnect Desk Stand you have complete power to adjust the stand to your perfect angle–it even folds up completely for easy transport. And with our proprietary MagConnect connection, attachind and removing your tablet is a snap. Perfect for anyone who uses their tablet for any length of time.

Lightweight Strength

MagConnect™ mounts are built of high-quality carbon fiber arms.

Spherical Joints

MagConnect™ mounts come equipped with spherical joints for ultimate customizability.

Magnetic Personality

The MagConnect™ locking mechanism is the next step in the evolution of mobile mounts.